Friday , May 27 2016


EcoCabins is a human scale building company specializing in simple, smart, and sustainable homes and structures.

We offer micro dwellings, tiny houses, cabins, cottages, homes, and commercial buildings that achieve affordability without sacrificing luxury or quality. Our website is meant to be simple, like everything we do, if you would like more detailed information on any of our products, please contact one of our Eco Experts. We’re happy to assist you!

At EcoCabins, we are excited to be witnessing the global shift to smaller living that’s happening all around us. It seems like every day we see news of another corporation, company, or individual transitioning into a more intentional, more sustainable existence. We’ve helped hotel chains, historic districts, retail centers, and wildlife refuges, build unique structures that use less resources. We have also assisted families and individuals who want to downsize their lifestyles to a smaller, more manageable space.

Our company looks forward to supporting your transition to tiny in whatever way works best for you. Our products range from 150 square ft. tiny models, to 400 – 800 square ft. cabins and cottages, on up to 3,000+ sq. ft. multi-section homes. Our housing solutions are perfect for today’s economically conscious and ecologically driven consumers wanting affordable homes, retirement housing, vacation homes, or other simple, smart, sustainable living. Give us a call today to find out more!